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Every year we announce a few activities that we're doing. If you want to join in, feel free. However, as per our legal disclaimer, there is only one person responsible for you and your boat: you. We are not responsible.

Lower Salmon River Spring Run

Every year at end of March or early April is the Lower Salmon River Spring Run. We try to choose a date when the flow is friendly to relative newcomers, which is in the 8-14K CFS range on the White Bird Gauge, which you can see in the link below. Find the white circle that is just east of the Oregon border labelled "WHBI1".

NW River Flow Predictions

Usually, the exact date is not known until March, and it can change at the last minute. This is because the Salmon River flow can change dramatically, and for example rise from 5K to 50K in less than a week.

The run includes two launch points:
Heller Bar near Lewiston
Pittsburg Landing in Hells Canyon
At this time of year, both launch points require a "self-issue" permit, which is free and is basically a formality. Permits are available at Pittsburg landing, and if launching from Heller bar, a permit can be found at
Cache Creek

Typically we meet at the Snake/Salmon confluence around noon. Then head upstream as far as Hammer Creek Campground and spend 2 nights on the river. It's 80 miles round trip total, so budget 80 gallons minimum. Gas is available at White Bird so if you're running low, fuel is available. (Other options are sometimes arranged.)

This run is not for the absolute beginner. Damage has happened. If you have little experience reading water, or have a severe knifey bow, then this run may not be for you.